Infiniture is a relatively new atelier that produces handmade furniture, from carefully selected and refined materials, in a creative workshop where interior designers, craftsmen and artists meet and share experiences and skills in the service of the most demanding cases.

From the beginning, Infiniture creates products of unique and recognizable quality where you can be the creator of your own furniture! Our high flexibility in production gives us the ability to fulfill all the needs and wishes of our customers, as well as for each piece to have a personal touch.

We pay great attention to details! We believe that the finish accentuates the character of the whole piece. Accordingly, we create fully customized pieces in size, format and materials, with finishing done with care. Our pieces are intended for prestigious residences and commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, as well as private apartments and flats. We have and continuously work on improving all the necessary aspects for production engineering.

We are able to offer both serial production and unique pieces of furniture, all according to the customers request!