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Furnishing the exterior allows us to show all of our knowledge and skills, when it comes to working with a combination of materials!

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bastenski set, baštenska garnitura

Furniture for gardens

Furniture for gardens, terraces and balconies, in the process of designing and manufacturing, implies a holistic approach, because their resistance to external conditions must also be taken into account when decorating the exterior. Contemporary and modern materials are characterized by great adaptability to different designs, as well as high resistance to external conditions. The quality of the materials, high resistance, and unique design should enable the creation of original and authentic garden furniture.

Garden furniture

Garden furniture can be made accordingly to different ways depending on the dimensions of the terrace or balcony and the available space. Although the dimensions of the space do not necessarily affect the design of individual pieces of furniture for the terrace or balcony, they are important because the design of each individual piece of garden furniture depends on them.

Garden furniture and garden sets

Garden furniture and garden sets consist of several pieces of garden furniture that form a single whole by design. From the choice of colors to the choice of materials, garden sets usually consist of several conceptually and visually coordinated pieces of furniture – a garden table, a garden chair, a garden armchair, a bench, garden stools and a garden armchair. In addition to these, the garden set can also include the production of additional cushions and benches for sitting, as well as garden corner sets.

Generally, a garden set consists of several pieces of furniture that can be combined:
• garden table
• garden chairs
• corner garden furniture
• armchair for the garden
• garden stools

In relation to the dimensions of the terrace or garden, garden furniture can contain different individual pieces of furniture. Individual pieces of the balcony set or balcony corner set can be adjusted and combined depending on the available dimensions of the balcony or terrace.

Apartment with a balcony and a large terrace

Furnishing apartments with a balcony or a large terrace with garden furniture can represent a real art, because it leaves a lot of space when designing with different conceptual solutions and designs. Unlike small terraces, whose dimensions affect the dimensions of individual furniture, with large balconies and terraces this is not a limitation! The large space allows not only to play with individual pieces of patio furniture, but also great possibilities in terms of combining them.

Furniture for cafe gardens and restaurant gardens

Furniture for the gardens of cafes and restaurants implies the production of a large number of the same pieces of furniture, which, in addition to high functional requirements, must also meet high requirements in terms of design. Furniture for cafe gardens and restaurant gardens are most often made to reflect the brand and visual recognition.

In addition to garden furniture, we also offer garden loungers, but also other interior furniture: dining tables, club tables, bedside tables, dining chairs, bar stools, armchairs and beds.

*Each piece of furniture is specially made in Serbia according to the needs and wishes of the client.