Bar stools

Within its range of products, Infiniture Design creates unique and original furniture for catering and business premises. Chairs for bars, gardens, restaurants and cafes are part of our program that we customize according to your needs and desired design.


Custom made modern bar stools

Infiniture Design strives to follow the trends of Italian manufacturers, striving to make each piece of furniture authentic and original. Bar stools form an important part of the overall identity of the space and therefore are often an indispensable detail in interior design. Modern bar stools are characterized by an authentic and original design, as well as stability and high functionality and adaptability to the interior space. In addition to the high requirements regarding the design and appearance of the chairs themselves, they must also meet the criteria of stability and quality of the materials used in production.

Dimensions and height of bar stools

The dimensions of the bar stools are made according to the available interior space as well as according to the dimensions of other furniture. The height of the bar stool, expressed in cm, depends on the height of the table, and it is necessary that this ratio be optimally coordinated to ensure the comfort of the user. They are most often placed as bar stools for the kitchen or dining room.

Infiniture Design creates custom models of bar stools, bar stools and bar stools in various dimensions and heights. In addition to different heights, it is possible to make bar stools with or without a back, as well as with a footrest.

High bar stools

Bar stools are an important part of the interior of every cafe, restaurant or bar. Regardless of whether it is a commercial space, a business space or a hotel, chairs are an important part of the entire interior. Bar stools are especially suitable for small spaces because they help to save space, but they look very attractive in large spaces with an open kitchen or dining room.

Bar stools with backrest

Although bar stools with a back can take up more space and affect the look of the entire interior, they are often ordered with a back to provide additional comfort. Additional adjustments on chairs, such as backrests or footrests, are intended to provide greater comfort and convenience, and are therefore a common choice in hotel or restaurant interior fittings.

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*Each piece of furniture is specially made in Serbia according to the needs and wishes of the client.