Custom dining tables


Luxury custom-made dining tables, in sizes of your choice, are ideal for interiors of different styles. Depending on the design and method of production, we can talk about dining tables made of walnut wood, steamed oak or elm, glass or tables with epoxy resin. Dining room tables are uniquely made and designed, so they can easily be adapted to interiors of different aesthetic styles!

Unique design solutions of dining room tables give the space a note of elegance and luxury, and natural materials in the production and manufacture of the tables ensure their longevity. That is why the choice of a dining table is an important issue when it comes to furnishing and decorating the interior..

Massive dining tables for different spaces – living rooms, kitchens, business and commercial spaces, residences, catering establishments and hotels can be made according to your design and desired dimensions, as piece furniture or in a serial production.

Materials: Solid, stone, glass, epoxy, terrazzo

Construction: Metal, aluminum and wood

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Custom luxury dining tables

Luxury dining tables manufactured by Infiniture Design easily fit into different interior styles, bringing a touch of luxury and elegance to the space. Following world trends in the production and manufacture of furniture, Infiniture Design creates luxury dining tables of modern design and craftsmanship.

Massive dining tables

The basic material for making dining tables is wood in combination with glass, metal, natural stone, aluminum and epoxy resin. Due to the natural materials, solid wood dining tables have a unique pattern and appearance. Depending on the design, walnut, oak and elm woods are combined and may or may not dominate the final look of the dining room tables. It is up to us to advise you, and it is up to you to decide!

Solid wood tables for dining rooms and living rooms

Dining table in steamed walnut

Walnut dining tables are made from steamed walnut wood. In the wood industry, walnut is one of the most sought after and represented when it comes to the production of massive furniture. Due to its aesthetic features, as well as the ease of processing, walnut wooden furniture is one of the more expensive on the market. Walnut wood is peeled, cut and sanded, so the design possibilities are limitless. Also, in the finishing process, it is easy to varnish, coat and paint, which gives a variety of possibilities in terms of aesthetic solutions and the final look of the table. Walnut wood dining tables, because of all this, are among the most luxurious pieces of furniture!

Dining tables made of oak, beech and elm

Oak and elm are also suitable for making furniture and are very common in the wood industry. Oak panels are used in the production of dining tables and other furniture. They are easy to process, varnish and paint, which is why they offer a variety of design options. Stable and long-lasting, dining tables made of oak or beech and elm bring natural colors to the space and refine it!

Glass tables and tables with epoxy resin

The combination of materials used in making dining tables makes their design and construction unique. With glass tables, glass is combined with wood and is usually part of the table top. Tables with epoxy resin as an addition have epoxy resin, which is very often in the form of cast forms, which gives the table a special character and uniqueness. The construction is mainly dominated by metal legs and feet, which can be of different shapes.

Rectangular, round or oval tables –
How to choose the right table shape?

Atelier Infiniture Design produces dining tables of various sizes and shapes – large and small dining tables, round, rectangular or square tables, with rounded or irregular edges, etc. Choosing the best form of dining table for your interior, or exterior, depends on the overall appearance of the room and its dimensions, as well as the ultimate function – dining tables, work tables, living room or kitchen tables, office tables. The purpose of the table whether it is a kitchen table, a table for the dining room or living room, a table for a workspace or an office, affects its design and the way it is made.

Harmony of the dining table with the interior

In choosing the best dining table or living room table, the overall interior and its aesthetics play a big role. It’s best to start with what you already have in the room or what you want to buy! The dining room table and chairs should match the other furniture – either in appearance, material or color.

In order to complete the interior of a classic style, it is recommended to choose tables with darker lines, which emphasize the texture of the wood. In order for such dining tables to have an accentuated texture and color of the wood, the board is additionally emphasized with coatings and varnishes for wood that protect it. On the other hand, the interior of the contemporary style is characterized by minimalism, in which dining tables with clean and simple lines fit perfectly. If you are aiming for an industrial style, choose a dining table with unusual shaped metal legs.

Dining tables of different dimensions

Tables for the dining room, living room or any other room are usually smaller in size and are most often made as dining tables, that is, as a dining table for 4, a dining table for 8 people, a dining table for 10 or 12 people. Dining tables for studio apartments or small apartments and spaces, are smaller in size in order to achieve greater functionality. They can be made individually or in combination with dining chairs or long furniture such as armchairs or club tables. Most often, they are made as wooden dining tables and chairs forming a single unit.

Tables for large spaces and exteriors

Massive and spacious tables are intended for large private and business spaces – hotels, villas, residences, wineries. In addition, large dining tables made of solid wood can also be made for outdoor spaces, gardens, balconies, as well as other exteriors. In this case, wooden tables are coated with additional protective layers that protect the wood from cracking or other external influences. Marble dining tables can be an adequate alternative to wooden tables for outdoor spaces, because marble is more resistant to external influences than wood.

Modern tables for the living room

Striving to follow the unsurpassed spirit of Italian brands in the production of furniture, Atelier Infiniture Design- Belgrade strives to create unique dining tables that bring a touch of luxury and elegance to different spaces and refine them.

We think you deserve the best piece of furniture in your place! Accordingly to that, we are dedicated to create quality pieces of furniture that will provide you with the comfort, safety and elegance you are looking for. By creating perfect pieces of furniture adapted to your needs, with a combination of shapes, materials, colors and designs, we strive to refresh and enrich your living and working space with exactly what you want!

How much does it cost to make – custom dining table prices

Shopping for custom dining tables can be challenging because often the requested model of a table with special features does not match your planned budget. The complexity of the design, the materials and the method of manufacture, although they define the appearance of the table, can significantly increase its price. Their final price depends on the overall dimensions and complexity of the design in the production of dining tables.

However, Atelier Infiniture Design also creates custom pieces of furniture according to your idea within the budget that you decided to give us.

The importance of a decorated dining area

During the last years and the challenges we faced, the organization of the entire interior became even more important, because we were forced to spend time within our four walls. The need for interior decoration and the importance of individual pieces of furniture are therefore growing. The experience of the pandemic has introduced new trends, so in recent years we have seen a fusion of high-functioning furniture with natural shapes and lines that imitate nature and outdoor space. Atelier Infiniture Design therefore strives to offer dining tables, but also other pieces of furniture, which refine the interior in a
way that brings a dose of natural elegance to the space – dining tables made of wood that emphasize natural forms and tones in shades, as well as rounded edges that should contribute to greater functionality of the furniture.

Custom-made tables for hospitality industry

In addition to offering furniture for private spaces and interiors such as apartments, houses and cottages, Infiniture Design also creates custom pieces of furniture for hotels, cafes, restaurants, wineries and prestigious residences. The specialty of making custom-made dining tables for restaurants and cafes is that the production must be based on the highest quality materials that guarantee perseverance and longevity. Furnishing catering facilities means furnishing the restaurant with tables and chairs, bar tables and chairs, shelves and wine racks. In this sense, Infiniture Design offers you the entire service – from the creation of conceptual solutions to the production of furniture and turning the idea into a work.


Contact us so that we can make your living and private space unique and comfortable.

*Each piece of furniture is specially made in Serbia according to the needs and wishes of the client.