Club Tables

Club and console tables for business and private spaces. With a classic, rustic or modern design, Infiniture Design club tables bring a touch of luxury and elegance to different interiors. They are made in a combination of wood, metal, aluminum and marble and are suitable for furnishing houses, apartments, cottages and business premises.

Club tables can be made as console tables, side tables, side shelves, buffets, coffee tables. According to your design, they can be built in different sizes and shapes but also be highly functional or decorative.

Materials: Solid, stone, epoxy, fundermax.

Construction: Aluminum, metal.

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All tables are made in different dimensions and can be round, rectangular, oval and square. Depending on the purpose, whether we are talking about tables for the living room or club tables for the lobby, they can have different designs and looks – marble club tables, quartz or glass tables, set tables. They can be made to measure and with different parts – drawers, horizontal or vertical partitions. They are most often used as small tables for the living room or desks for the office, side tables for coffee or tea tables. When they do not have a pronounced functional component, they are made as decorative and decorative business tables.

Infiniture Design creates unique console tables for business spaces, conference rooms, apartments, foyers, lobbies.

In addition to console tables, see also dining tables and chairs, bar stools and armchairs, fireplaces, beds, as well as outdoor furniture – lounge chairs and garden furniture.