Modern dining chairs

We make modern dining chairs and follow world trends in the design of chairs for private and business spaces that are tailored for each customer.
We choose the highest quality beech or oak construction and fabric from quality manufacturers.

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Modern dining room chairs

Modern dining chairs for contemporary interiors, in addition to comfort, should fulfill several other imperative requirements. The comfort of the dining chairs goes without saying and refers to the quality of the design and production of the chairs, while modern design should create unique chairs that suit different styles of dining rooms.

Modern dining room chairs include a combination of materials, shapes and styles, as well as different construction solutions, which contribute to the unique appearance of each piece. Wooden chairs for the dining room or metal chairs in combination with wood – it’s up to you to decide! Due to the high requirements in the production of eco furniture, as well as their safe and harmless use, wooden chairs for feeding children or rocking babies are being increasingly produced.

Custom solid wood dining chairs

Infiniture Design creates solid wood dining chairs for a variety of interior and exterior styles. The design of wooden chairs, depending on the final purpose and their function, can vary and adapt to any interior.

Wooden chairs for restaurants, terrace, garden

In addition to wooden chairs for the dining room, requests for the production of high-quality and long- lasting wooden chairs intended for outdoor spaces are becoming more and more frequent. After some time, wood can undergo changes due to exposure to external conditions, which is why special attention is paid to finishing and coatings that would preserve the texture, structure and color of the wood.

Wooden chairs for restaurants and catering facilities imply quality of workmanship and a guarantee of durability, while wooden chairs for terraces and gardens imply a high resistance of the material to external conditions. That’s why special attention is paid in the production of chairs for the hospitality industry in order to meet the requirements of their final purpose.

Modern chairs for restaurants and cafes

Modern chairs for catering facilities such as restaurants and cafes imply high quality of workmanship, both in design and in materials. Durability and resistance to the conditions for which they are intended are imperative, which is why special attention is paid to details and quality. Designing chairs for restaurants or hotels implies a holistic approach in looking at the entire interior for which they are intended.

How to choose the best dining chairs?

Dining chairs may or may not fit in with dining tables and other furniture in the interior. Often, interior styles dictate the appearance of individual pieces of furniture, which together form a completion. The style of furniture reflects the personality of the people who live in that space, and it is a reflection of different tastes and conceptual solutions that provide people with pleasure and comfort. In this sense, dining chairs can form a great fit with other furniture, but it is not necessary!

In answering the question of how to choose the best dining chair for the interior, you should be guided by the criteria of size, comfort and style!

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    The dimensions of custom-made dining chairs are most often adjusted by the dimensions and height of the tables. On the one hand, it is important to provide enough space for the legs in order to provide maximum comfort and pleasantness to the person sitting. On the other hand, in determining the width of the dining chairs, you can go beyond the frame of the standard manufacturing dimensions as long as they fit into the overall width of the table and the planned number of seats. It is important that the dining chairs match the space they are intended for!

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    After defining the dimensions of the chairs that match the space and other pieces of furniture, you need to choose the materials that suit your needs. The large selection of materials and styles can be confusing, but it’s good to start with the purpose of the chair. Chairs for the kitchen, chairs for the living room, chairs for reading – the final purpose and function of the chairs can help in choosing the materials of manufacture

Modern chairs for the living room

The choice of a quality chair for the interior is influenced by the room itself and the arrangement of other furniture in the interior. The bedroom is for rest and relaxation, so the design of the sitting chair should follow that purpose, both in shape and colors. White chairs or fabric in neutral tones will bring warmth to the space and create additional comfort and atmosphere.

When it comes to choosing the best chairs for the living room, dining room and kitchen, the starting point is again the ultimate purpose of the space – dining, rest and recreation. Stability, comfort and convenience are required from kitchen chairs. Depending on the interior design, modern dining room chairs can be of darker colors, if it is about spacious interiors, or light colors if it is about small and cramped spaces. Colored dining chairs differ both in the color of the fabric and in the final and finishing touches.

In addition to dining chairs, we also offer bar stools and armchairs, as well as dining tables, club and console tables, fireplaces, beds, as well as outdoor furniture – garden sets and deckchairs.